Are My Ripped Jorts Destroying My Life?

Last week, after having a few beers at a live fantasy football draft (which I dominated, by the way), I impulsively agreed to meet a random dude from OkCupid for an impromptu first date in the city before heading home.

Ordinarily, this would not have been a noteworthy experience. But on this particular day I had decided to wear ripped jorts to work.

Jorts, for those of you with taste and/or lives, are jean shorts.


Me channeling Miley Cyrus while wearing jorts in what appears to be the rainforest, which is a caption I never thought I’d write.

I’m not exactly sure why I love my jorts, but I do. Maybe it has a lot to do with Mariah Carey’s 1993 video for “Dreamlover,” in which she frolics through a meadow in a pair of her own; I don’t know.

In any case, below is the entire story arc of the date in which I wore jorts, as told through a truncated series of Facebook IMs between my friend Steven and I.

En route to the date…

  • Me: The draft is over, my team is amazing, I’m drunk
  • Me: now I’m meeting some dude for more drinks
  • Me: I’m wearing topped jean shorts so
  • Me: he’ll definitely think I’m hot
  • Steven: topped jean shorts?
  • Steven: omg do you mean RIPPED?
  • Steven: because if so, you must change
  • Steven: are you a twink in the West Village circa 1985?
  • Me: it’s too late!!!
  • Steven: you have an affinity for ripped jeans
  • Me: If he’s the One he would accept ripped jeans
  • Me: and or jorts
  • Steven: omg
  • Steven: you own jorts don’t you?
  • Steven: omg it didn’t even register I was so focused on the ripped part

During the date…

  • Me: Truly he is peeing
  • Me: RAPPER
  • Me: he’s herring us more beer
  • Steven: you don’t need more beer
  • Me: Shonda Rhimes

After the date…

  • Me: Ok I’m overrrrrr it with this dude
  • Steven: Why?
  • Me: we just parted ways
  • Me: it was just like very abrupt
  • Steven: sounds gross
  • Me: Haha idk I’m confused!!!
  • Me: this is the first date in a long time where
  • Steven: you were drunk from the start?
  • Me: no where he was clearly NOT into me
  • Steven: Which of course makes you want him
  • Me: Meh this guy was boring
  • Me: if I’m getting honest
  • Steven: Ha
  • Me: His only appeal is that he’s Italian and from Staten Island
  • Steven: OMG Mariah is on Twitter asking fans about songs for her tour
  • Steven: and tweeted: “Side Effects or Petals?”
  • Steven: I CANNOT
  • Me: Nooooiii
  • Me: I’m too impaired to deal with this
  • Steven: Hahahaha wait why? They’re both gems
  • Me: I mean what’s her mental state?
  • Steven: if she’s thinking about either of those songs, she’s clearly angry
  • Me: They’re so different
  • Me: Like what kind of a weird a
  • Me: Ass match up is that
  • Me: I didn’t mean to do those!
  • Me: /
  • Me: whatever it’s probably the jorts that made that guy not into me
  • Me: Your silence indicates that you write
  • Me: Age*
  • Me: Agree****
  • Steven: the ripped jorts have to go


Are ripped jorts a crime? Do ripped jorts ruin everything? Are ripped jorts the reason why Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola got divorced in 1997 and also why things are now on the rocks with her and Nick Cannon and therefore why she’s taken to Twitter to survey fans on their favorite jilted-Mimi songs? Are ripped jorts to blame for the fact that I went home alone after my date that night and ate an entire box of Annie’s Party Mix?

Maybe. But actually — you know what? Fall is soon to be upon us. So I can probably just shelve this discussion altogether until next year. Time to break out the full-length jeans with holes in them and continue evading the underlying issues that draw me to ripped denim in the first place! Yay!


Below are some highlights from the “Jorts” page on Urban Dictionary (followed by my thoughts in bold):

Jean shorts. Worn mostly by children and douchebags. Jorts are perhaps the easiest way to recognize people you will not like. If you wear jorts, you probably don’t talk to girls. (I mean, that last part is true in my case.)

Slang for jean shorts. These are most often worn by the fashion illiterate. (I prefer ensemble-y challenged, asshole.)

Jean shorts that are unusually short, generally worn on men, was fashionable in the 80’s not now. (Steven is this you?)

F*ck you, I can dress any way I want. (Right on, sister!)

Jean-shorts. mostly worn by queers and cute bus drivers. (OMG I’m both of those. Except I don’t identify as “queer” and I’m not a bus driver. But I am cute. When I’m not wearing jorts, at least.)

Possibly the ugliest article of clothing one can wear. Usually worn by people who do not have friends, because a true friend would tell you that you look like a faggot. (Listen, Urban Dictionary, your Eminem-esque homophobia is out of control. I’m beginning to think you’re the gay one. And BY THE WAY, the term you’re actually looking for is “twink in the West Village circa 1985,” so bye.)



  1. I am so straight, I have no clue what “twink in the West Village circa 1985”. And I’ve Googled a ton of phrases (because teenage son!) and I’m actually afraid to google this one!

    But, jorts. Like all jean shorts or just jeans that have been cut into shorts? I’m thinking just jeans that have been cut into shorts… cause otherwise I’m in trouble!

    • LOL… doing a Google search with the word “twink” in it IS a dangerous proposition! Basically it’s a boyish gay guy who’s skinny and has no body hair. I’m Italian, which precludes me from ever being put in that category, which I consider a blessing.

      So jorts: I think for men, it’s ALL jean shorts. But for women – per the Mariah Carey standard of fashion and excellence – y’all can ALWAYS pull off jorts, in my opinion! But then again we all know my opinion is questionable when it comes to most things.

      • LOL!! I’m going to go with the standard “You’re gay so you must have innate fashion sense” and continue with my denim shorts 🙂

        Which means I just have to block your jorts from my memory! Cause yes – I’m positive they were the downfall of the date 😦

  2. awesomegeorge14 says:

    Haha I love this

  3. Straight man say no.

  4. Brandon Haskey says:

    Dude, own that shit. Rock the jorts. I’d not be turned off by a guy in jorts. JORT PRIDE!

  5. This is my favorite post ever.

  6. Just roll the cuff enough to hide the ripped part and voila! Stylish European. Make sure the jorts are somewhat tight enough to pull this off.

    Haha. I’ve no idea what I’m talking about but my man looks hot in them like that. (He’s Scottish. European enough.)

    PS I f*cking love Steven and Drunk Nic.

    • Hahaha I do that often and COMPLETELY agree that it’s Stylish European! I’m so glad you agree.

      Your PS made my day! Drunk Nic is one of my favorites as well, and I kind of think he needs his own blog.

  7. You know where I stand on this heated debate.

    Though, I guess the conversation should shift toward ripped jeans soon.

  8. This Blog. I can’t even. This Blog is life, people. Thank you Nic for your honesty about everything. Why this blog isn’t made into a show on HBO is beyond me.
    Greetings from your (probably) #1 Fan from Germany 🙂

    • I’m so printing this out and putting it into my file labeled “Things I Plan On Presenting To HBO As Evidence That They Owe Me A Show,” lol. But seriously, this compliment made my day, so THANK YOU for reading, and commenting!! 🙂

  9. You are too much. Dying.

  10. I think you might be my twin…if I had a twin…who was gay…and a guy…and lived across the country…I’m so pissed my parents didn’t tell me we were separated at birth…I’m calling my mother right now…wait she died…now I’m just sad…so anyway…ripped jean shorts…jorts…yeah, I’m gonna go with bad!

    • The fact that we’re twins means I value your opinion – so this comment has officially solidified my new stance that I’m burning the ripped jorts. BURNING! Thank you!!

  11. Oh Nic, I’m so sorry I’m just getting to this now. Did you burn them? Is it over? They need to be burned sweetie. No good can come from jorts. I was thinking for a moment that it might be okay to wear them if you were painting like a room or a house or lines on your road but no, not even then. Please Nic, pour gasoline on them, drop a match and run like hell.

    • It’s over!!! I trashed them, and I feel strangely liberated, like it was something I should have done years ago. Also, I love that “lines on your road” was something that you included as a potential thing that a person might paint LOL.

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