New Name, No Shame

I’ve been meaning to keychange the name of this site for a while, but I could never really think of anything I loved enough to commit to that also wasn’t egregiously corny. And so here’s a conversation between my writing buddy Steven and I that took place during a recent brainstorming session:

  • Nic: What’s a good blog name for me?
  • Nic: The Ridic-Nic Report?
  • Nic: Get it? Ridiculous?
  • Steven: I just spit out my seltzer.
  • Nic: RiNicolas? OMG LIKE RIHANNA.
  • Steven: No. To all of the above.
  • Nic: Nic-On-A-Stick?
  • Steven: You’re fired from naming things.

We kept discussing for a while until I almost decided to call this site “The Cheesecake” because I love cheesecake and it would also make way for a cheesy (see what I did there?) slogan like, “High in calories, higher in humor,” but I ultimately decided that I probably shouldn’t name my life’s work after a baked good. (Wait. Is baking even a part of the cheesecake creation process? Or are cheesecakes just like, born cold? I’m too lazy to tab over and Google. Actually, no I’m not. I just checked, and it appears that they are baked in ovens like other cakes. FYI.)

My inability to come up with a catchy/quirky name eventually led me to throw my hands in the air, say “fuck it,” and just go with the incredibly straightforward “The Nicolas Blog,” EXCEPT with the exclamation point that you see above — because frankly, that one punctuation mark says more about me than any proper word ever could. So I’m thinking I made a solid choice.



  1. You’re fired from naming things! Lmbo!! Greatness! Now, for the record, EXCELLENT name choice! You can never go wrong with naming things after yourself. And the ! makes all the difference! 🙂

  2. Well this proves why you make the big bucks and I don’t. I totally would have put, “The N!colas Blog.” But that is completely lame. I like your choice much better.

    • OMG I totally didn’t even think of the exclamation point IN the name! Genius, not lame! Kind of like P!nk, ALTHOUGH I do sometimes find myself wondering if she regrets having made that decision early in her career and wishes she’d gone with a traditional “i”… so I guess I’m glad I didn’t go there.


  4. I saw the new name in my email notice and instantly thought, “Nailed! it.”

  5. Because I laugh at the same things you do, I really liked RiNicolas but understand why a mature person would rule that out. I love the exclamation point.
    !!!! I really do!!!!


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