I’m Becoming Rational and It Feels Weird (but Good-Weird?)

Last month I met up with my very talented writer buddy Steven to talk about our querying woes. In the middle of the cheesecake portion of our meeting (because with me, there’s always a cheesecake portion, and yes, I’m a Golden Girl), I got a call from a dude I talked to on OkCupid late last year, stopped talking to early this year, and then recently started talking to again in September.

He was calling to plan our much-delayed first date. He suggested hiking, I agreed, and then I hung up and analyzed the fuck out of the situation with Steven, because me.

  • Nic: So. I just agreed to go on a hiking first date. Hiking on a first date – this is a bad idea, huh?
  • Steven: OK, after having read the last few chapters of your manuscript, aren’t all of your dates hiking dates? What’s the problem?
  • Nic: No. There were only two hiking dates in the book, and they were the third and second, respectively. I’ve only ever been on one hiking first date, and that was with Far-Away Guy in August and WE ALL KNOW HOW THAT TUNRED OUT.
  • Steven: Calm down.
  • Nic: I’d rather go to that new beer garden that just opened in my town! Oh my God, this guy’s not the one. The one would have automatically known to suggest the beer garden and not hiking. I should just cancel right now and save us all time.

And that’s when Steven gave me an epic eye roll and was all, “Yeah, Nic. Cancel your date because this man you’ve never met before COULDN’T READ YOUR FUCKING MIND.”

Luckily, I was astute enough to sense Steven’s sarcasm, and so I soon realized that I was being ridiculous.

Also, I remembered that I love hiking. And so I went on the date, and that was four Saturdays ago. And we had a great time, and we’ve since seen each other three more times… and that’s all I’m going to say for now, because I’m starting to think that a four-week layover period between “dating-related thing happening” and “blogging about it” is the perfect recipe for perspective.

I think I just learned how to date (and blog) like a somewhat sane person? It only took me… OK, I just started counting the years, and that shit was depressing. Never mind.


Taken on the date in question. NOW this is probably all foliage-y… but y’know, four weeks.



  1. It pays to be rational. Sometimes. Only sometimes, though.

    Also, I think since our Cheesecake night, I too have become a Golden Girl (my love for cheesecake has escalated quickly) — I’m thinking I’m Dorothy. Especially in this situation. Or maybe Sophia.

    Either way, yet another EPIC post, despite all the rational thinking (you may thank me later.) Rational Nic still writes like a fucking BEAST.

    • Ha! I’m new to Golden Girl references, but I’d say you’re so Dorothy in this scenario. And I’m… a Rose-Blanche combo? Idk.

      We need to have cheesecake again, like, in five minutes. Are you available?

  2. Rational Nic is still as entertaining as irrational Nic- which I was worried about at the beginning of the post! 🙂 Congrats on making it past the first date… But now you really are a star, the news I get from you will always be delayed! But at least you aren’t already dead like several of the stars I wish upon at night 🙂 (not sure if that’s funny it way morbid!)

  3. This is probably the first time (according to me) you haven’t mentioned the word ‘fat’ at all in the same post where food (cheese cake) is mentioned. Nic, I fear you maybe becoming sane. Is that a good thing or not, I have no idea – but love to find out. I’m here for you bro!

    • Haha, thank you!!! And yes, I’ve officially done away with the whole “calling myself fat when I’m not actually fat” thing… it’s liberating!

  4. We need a P.S. about the cheesecake.

  5. This is all well and good and mature but when are you going to tell about the award? What is that award????

  6. This, as fate would have it, totally applies to me these days. Being a life-long member at the Anonymous Overanalyzers I am almost always analyzing the hell out of everything, most lately everything involving my love interest who is a woman and we both think we can read each other’s minds – which none of us can. Ahh!

    Glad to hear it seems to be working out for you and this fellow though; OkCupid became useful after all, hey? 😉

    P.S.: I just now saw your tweets re: NaNoWriMo! Are you in? I am available if you are looking for fiction-writing advice, haha. :p

    • Oh my gosh – I can only imagine the complications with TWO overanalyzing, non-mind-reading women! Haha. I’m so glad you can relate. RE: NaNoWriMo – I might be! I think it could be a really cool experiment, and I just may have to take you up on that offer for fiction-writing advice!

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