Let’s Talk About Gratitude

The other day I had the privilege of sitting in on an intimate luncheon event at MTV for Hispanic Heritage Month, which featured an interactive chat with the network’s resident chica Melanie Iglesias, star of Guy Code/Girl Code/Guy Court.

In addition to being a presence on approximately nine thousand MTV shows, Melanie is a freaking hottie. Such a hottie, in fact, that her initial break into the entertainment industry happened as a result of being selected by Maxim magazine out of 7,000 girls as the #1 Hometown Hottie of 2010. The woman is stunning.

I mean, see for yourself:

Ignore my weirdness and just focus on the beautiful woman, please.

Ignore my weirdness and just focus on the beautiful woman, please.

In spite of this fact, though — because let’s face it, I’m the gayest man ever and so female hotness can only go so far in terms of winning my admiration — what I like most about Melanie is her relentlessly positive spirit and overall #GoodEnergy.

When asked about how she maintains a consistent level of happiness, she shared that she is simply “grateful to be healthy and alive,” and then questioned how someone could manage to not be happy when approaching every day from such a place of gratitude. She also talked about how we’re all a part of something much larger than ourselves, at which point you know I had to ask her if she was spiritual and/or into meditation.

Interestingly, though not a meditator, she did share that she believes we are all here for a specific purpose, and that her end-of-the-day mission is to contribute to the betterment of humanity in any way and on any level she can — which totally kind of proves that she’s intuitively spiritual anyways, which, don’t you just wish more celebrities were like that?

Spirituality aside, though, Melanie’s initial statement about the correlation between gratitude and happiness resonated with me. It brought me back to a positive place after having gotten a little off track lately.

As a Super Soul Sunday disciple and perpetual seeker, I’ve read and watched quite a bit on the topic of gratitude. I’ve practiced it, too. And, as cliché as it may sound, I have found it to be the most effective way to get over pretty much any negative energy that may manage to creep its way into our consciousness every now and then. And as if that weren’t enough, the universe typically rewards those who are genuinely grateful for what they have now with more to be grateful for later. It’s just like, a law.

So with all of this in mind, I’d like to share a ridiculously small (or just plain ridiculous, whatever) list of things I’m grateful for right now:

  • Pumpkins.
  • The tree outside my apartment window.
  • Mariah Carey’s life-changing 1997 masterpiece album Butterfly.
  • My incredible support system of family and friends and yes, I’m being that guy right now.
  • Clarity.
  • All the life basics. (Seriously, how blessed are we simply to have health and homes and food and, like, water? That alone is pretty much enough for me to be all, “Sit your ass down, Nic,” every time I’m tempted to spiral into a rejection-fueled pity party of any kind.)
  • Cardio. When I actually do it.
  • My brother and his fiancée, and the fact that I’m going to Best Man the shit out of their wedding in January.
  • Books. ALL the books.
  • This photo of Jake Shears. (Note: If your boss happens to be a total dick, then this may be construed as NSFW. But if your boss isn’t a total dick, then please click, enjoy, and thank me/Jake later.)
  • Oprah.
  • Oprah.com.
  • OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.
  • O, the Oprah Magazine.
  • O-K, I’m done now. (See what I did there?)
  • Singer/Songwriter/my friend Joey, whose recent Facebook post on what he’s grateful for totally conspired with the Melanie lunch to inspire this post. Thanks, Joey!
  • The Bloggess.
  • Cheesecake.
  • Anything cute.

Last but really totally first, I’m grateful for y’all. For reading me, putting up with me, encouraging me, and supporting me. Especially when I’m freaking blog-M.I.A. half the damn time. Your love is honestly just… like, seriously. Thank you.

OK so before I start crying and having a totally uncalled for “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH ALL OF THESE EMOTIONS I JUST LOVE YOU OMG OPRAH SAVE ME” moment, please jump in.

What are you grateful for today?



  1. I read this while listening to Van Morrison sing “Someone Like You” which is all about the gratitude. In fact, I’ve been listening to nothing but Van since Sunday afternoon — not exactly sure why; but the man can soothe, brother, and he knows a thing or two about spirit and searching. I don’t think he’d care for Oprah, though. Just a vibe I get.
    So, here’s to Van Morrison and music that gets us through.

  2. This sounds cheesy – but I’m grateful for posts like this that help remind me to live my life in gratitude! I try to do it daily, but it’s always a good reminder! Oh- and I’m grateful fall is coming and it’s almost Halloween!

  3. I am grateful that I read this first thing this morning. I’m grateful there is a reblog button for me to click on. I’m grateful that my sister is coming to town today. I’m grateful that Derwood and I are leaving town on Saturday before I forget what he looks like. And then all the typical stuff that one is to be thankful for…like Diet Coke.

    • I am LOVING your list. I relate specifically to the Diet Coke. And hopefully at some point to the whole “leaving town with husband” thing. Soon enough! But omg, Diet Coke. That shit is a miracle tonic. Thanks for the reblog love, m’dear!!!

  4. Reblogged this on Misc. Maggie and commented:
    I am grateful that I read this first thing this morning. I’m grateful there is a reblog button for me to click on. I’m grateful that my sister is coming to town today. I’m grateful that Derwood and I are leaving town on Saturday before I forget what he looks like. And then all the typical stuff that one is to be thankful for…like Diet Coke.

  5. Brilliant post!

    I’m grateful for a lot of things. Being in my situation you learn to be grateful for even the smallest things. I’m grateful for being alive, for never giving up, for always having a will like no other, for making my dreams come true despite people’s skeptism, for my family, for my friends, for being able to shape words into sentences, for having a strength within myself which may not match my physical strength but is much more valueable, … Heck, I’m grateful for having met YOU!

    • Your comment just brought a tear to my eye! Your attitude and philosophy and not to mention WRITING just, seriously, inspires me. The gratitude is mutual, my love!

  6. I am thankful for my sister and her family and the fun adventures we have; I am thankful for Dan Fogelberg’s “High Country Snows” (but only while the aspens are changing; otherwise, I can’t stand that album. Because I am insane, apparently); I’m thankful that you’re a fun writer to read and that I had the wisdom to stalk you via The Bloggess; I’m thankful that my garden is still growing; I’m thankful that the neighbor is going to chop my wood this fall because I let him use my log splitter; I’m thankful that it’s cool out at night because then the cats want to cuddle with me; I am SO grateful that my husband has a strong lead on a job; I’m thankful that I made time to make Halloween decorations this coming weekend (we’re doing the chicken wire ghosts that are all over PInterest. I’m also thankful for Pinterest, by the way); I’m thankful that I woke up this morning with no real problems on my plate. I could go on but I’m supposed to be working so I need to get back to that.

    • I am loving your list!!! 1. I have to check out that album, 2. I didn’t realize you found me via Bloggess, that’s awesome! 3. I cannot WAIT for the day I get a garden of my own to be grateful for, and 4. that last one about simply waking up with no real problems… is perfect. So true!

      • I don’t know that the album will translate. My parents played it in the car when we took Sunday drives in autumn so I think there’s a sentimentality to it that appeals to me. I play it from mid-September through the end of October and it makes me so happy. If I listen to it any other time, though, I am all, “Holy hell, this is CRAP!” Go figure.
        Yup, I found you in the comments section of one of The Bloggess’ posts. You said something hilarious, I nearly peed my pants laughing, I clicked the post that was linked in your comment, it was about being manly in the woods or something and I fell in love. Just like that. And started stalking you. And that is why it does not pay to be well-written + funny on other people’s blogs. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.
        When you get a garden of your own, will you grow garlic? That’s my favorite thing to grow. I hate vampires.

        • Yes!!! I will grow ALL the garlic! Actually, the manly-in-the-woods post you just mentioned involved a Garlic Festival! I think. I’ve probably blogged about being manly in the woods more than twice. And also, I am honored to be stalked 😉 (Maybe that makes me a sadist… but whatever.)

  7. I’m grateful for books and cheesecake too! Also for my husband who puts up with me despite the fact that I’m probably a nightmare to live with. He makes me want to be better than I am. I’m grateful that I’m healthy and that I have a job and an amazing family. I’m pretty much grateful for ALL THE THINGS! I try to keep these things in mind every day, but sometimes it’s easy to forget when things are difficult. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thank you for sharing!! “He makes me want to be better than I am” – that is THE best type of partner, you are a lucky girl!

  8. I am grateful for words.

    And the friends to share the power of words with.

  9. I’m grateful that I have you here, someone who, without fail, brightens up the day.

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