My Spiritual Evolution Continues After a Debit Card Debacle in New Hampshire

So, it has been exactly one month and ten days since my last confession blog post.


Well, the answer is threefold: (1) in my kitchen eating copious amounts of pepperoncini straight from the jar, (2) on suburban Connecticut streets taking long meditative after-dinner walks, and (3) in New Hampshire getting druuunk vacationing respectably.

A few things on all of the above:

1) My pepperoncini problem has evolved into a full-blown addiction. It’s rather serious. BUT THEY’RE SO DAMN GOOD AND I REFUSE TO STOP SO LEAVE ME ALONE.

2) Meditative walks are the best when they include occasional stray segments that involve aimlessly dancing and marching at the same time—ethereally and while listening to Stevie Nicks, of course. (Seriously, I do this. In public. As cars drive by. And? It’s fucking liberating.)

Officially returning from my Twitter sojourn. Inspiration? I danced ethereally to Stevie Nicks on my meditative walk tonight.

— Nicolas DiDomizio (@ctnicolas) July 9, 2013

3) New Hampshire was kind of the shit. That is, until I checked my bank account balance on the second day and learned that some douche bag stole my debit card number and made $600 of unauthorized purchases at a random Stop & Shop in Bloomfield, CT. Then it just became shit—absent of the all-modifying “the.” BUT THEN. After about an hour of being pissed off, I took a deep breath. Then I meditated. And then it became clear that I needed to forgive. Forgive the douche bag. Because if his/her life is in a desperate enough place to be stealing from fledgling bloggers and pepperoncini addicts such as myself, then he/she is in need of some serious healing. So rather than continue being unproductively angry, I decided to just say a prayer for my debit card thief’s well-being and move on with my life.

So, yeah! I’m now praying for the healing of random douche bags who illegally siphon money from my checking account. If that’s not solid evidence of my spiritual growth, y’all, then I do not know what is.





  1. You’re back!!!!! P.S. I forgot to tell you that I had the most amazing cheesecake of my life a couple weeks ago.

    • OMG jealous! I’ve been indulging in Dairy Queen’s “Cheesequake” blizzards as of late, but I do miss the real thing.

  2. 1) Pepperoncini is literally the best ever.
    2) I’m glad you rose above the douche bag. I had that happen to me a few months ago, only someone in COLORADO somehow got my credit card and racked up a $400 bill at a Walgreens. I mean…what do you buy at a WALGREENS?!

    p.s., glad you’re back!

    • That was me. I did that. I needed flip flops but I couldn’t tell which ones would work best for my adventure so…I just bought them all. Even the kids’ ones.
      Do you want me to send you the leftovers?

    • SO glad you can relate on the pepperoncini. AMAZING. And good point on the flip-flops, Walgreens does have a vast selection of adult and children’s varieties, adventure-ready sandals.

  3. Yeesh. Thank goodness you’re back. I was about to call the police!

  4. Well shit. I could use someone else’s debit card. Send me those numbers!! 😛

  5. So glad you are back. I kind of picture you like this on your meditative walks.

    And um, did you report the theft to your bank? And how does someone buy stuff with just the number and no card???

    You have been missed!!! xo

    • AH! Prancercize! So, side note, I feel like she is actually brilliant – a genius, and spiritually enlightened kind of? This is after having stalked her website for 20min a couple weeks ago. Anyways, that IS what I look like, pretty much. Except a little more feminine.

      I DID report it! Still waiting to be refunded though, GR. And here’s the worst part: they MADE A COUNTERFEIT CARD! Apparently that’s a thing!!!

      YOU have been missed! Can’t wait to pop over to your blog and read all about the wedding and married life (please tell me you’ve written extensively about the wedding and married life already?).

  6. Okay, first thing first: I have spent the past two days trying to comment, but I am still not on good terms with the whole vs. org thing and… Well, I had forgotten all about how to log in and what username, password I was supposed to use and … you name it. Goes to show what a brilliant computer nerd I am and what not. *facepalm x 10*


    Good going on the thief situation! Best to just rise above it. Well done! Glad you had a great vacation despite that – you deserved it. Speaking of vacation; can you believe I’ll be in NYC in only 12 days? SO stoked/nervous/excited/scared/stressed!

    P.S.: You are still my favorite blogger – missed you!

  7. Confession: When I was going through my pepperoncini addiction I started making cheez-it cereal. cheez-its + pepperoncini brine + bowl & spoon = DELCIOUS!

  8. You are too forgiving. Frankly, I would have gone after the clerk who rang up someone’s $600 haul at the Stop and Shop without wondering, “Hmmmmm… that’s odd…” or, alternatively, thinking, “Fuck it, not my job…” Either way: indictable!
    Glad you are well.

    • I was JUST thinking about your blog and how I need to catch my ass up! You make a good point RE: the clerk – I never even thought to implicate him/her!

      • Didn’t mean to sound like a mom: “You never phone, you never like…” Also, now I feel guilty for setting you back on your spiritual journey. In fact, forget I said anything…

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