Keep Hating, Pope — and I’ll Keep Loving

Moments before digging into our Christmas Eve feast this year, my mom suggested that I lead the table in saying grace.

As the recognized wordsmith of the family, I typically agree to perform this task with no qualms — spouting off whatever cliché, prayer-ish things I can think of, while maybe injecting a modicum of nonsensical humor into the mix (i.e. “…and bless my non-existent husband, and please remove all the calories from the meal we’re about to eat so that he may one day become a real boy, like Pinocchio? Like Pinocchio. Except a grown man, and without the nose situation. Amen.“).

But this year, I decided to push buttons and be all like, “Well, I called the Pope an asshole on Facebook the other day. So maybe I’m not the best person to be leading our Catholic family in prayer right now?”

And then we had a brief discussion about homophobia and religion and Italy and love and being human — and we all agreed that the Pope kind of is an asshole for calling me less than human in his annual Christmas speech.

And then we laughed. A lot.

And then I realized how grateful I am for my family.

And then I said grace.



  1. Gah! I love going to Mass, I love the ritual. I find it soothing but the freakin’ bureaucracy of the Church, the hypocrisy of the bureaucracy of the Church make me insane. Pope Benedict is worse than JP II and I know I’m one of the few that didn’t think he was all that and a bag of Eucharist. The change in the liturgy drives me nuts and I’m always saying the wrong words. What good is being a Catholic if you can’t recite Mass without even thinking about it?!

    Upside: being an American Catholic means you aren’t really playing by the rules anyway.

    I’m grateful for you!

    • “ALL THAT AND A BAG OF EUCHARIST” Ha!! I’m literally LOL-ing over here.

      Regarding the changed language, I agree – it’s almost been a year and I STILL have to pay attention and read along at certain points.

      Thanks for the love!

  2. magicpoetry says:

    Here’s my highly controversial and unpopular opinion, not intented to step on anyone’s toes, but nevertheless true the way I see it.

    Religious people (not all, obviously) can be the most judgmental people at times. They claim they don’t judge, but they do.

    Keep on loving, Nic!

  3. Wow. I hadn’t seen that, but it doesn’t surprise me. Good for you for speaking up, and for your family for supporting you. Now I don’t even care if he approves of my Harry Potter nativity or not.

  4. lillythehtcat says:

    the operative word being grace..
    merry christmas fellow blogger..

  5. God Bless this awesome post. I read that anytime we say what’s really honest, the deep-down truth-iest stuff out loud, that’s a prayer. A real prayer. Glad you said grace, man.

    • Thanks so much, love! I love that — it is so rare that we allow ourselves to say that super truth-y stuff. Happy Holidays!

  6. I love this post. I mean, LOVE. Nearly ever word of it.

    (The only words I don’t love are “kind of” – as in “the Pope kind of is an asshole” because there is no “kind of” about it. He IS an asshole. For too many reasons for me to list here but chief among them is his opposition to gay rights and his hateful words about homosexuality. Asshole.)

    P.S. Your family sounds great. I am also grateful that people like them exist in the world. 🙂


    • Thanks so much, love!!! He really IS! The “kind of” is entirely due to my lingering Catholic guilt, haha.

      Happy New Year and lots of love to you and Annie!

  7. Very poignant post. So sad that our “spiritual” leaders are telling us to hate. Sigh. I want a re-do.


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