Portrait of a Gay Blogger

Until last weekend, I had always held the belief that it would be impossible for a photograph to ever truly capture the essence of who I am. Such a picture would require all kinds of random elements that rarely end up all in one place.

Such as:

  • A healthy dose of blurriness, so as to mask my various physical faults and create an illusion of attractiveness
  • A feather boa (for divaliciousness)
  • A classic Connecticut outfit — complete with khaki pants, a navy blazer, and a mild air of pretentiousness
  • A prop microphone (for divaliciousness)
  • A light beer
  • A straight woman on either side of me (for divaliciousness)

Apparently divaliciousness is a word. And also a big part of my life.

                                        You’re welcome, world.




  1. Oh my god! I think I have an exact picture like that of one of my gay brothers (I am fortunate to have two!). Except he may have a wine spritzer in his hand instead of a beer.

    • LOVE IT! The boa-microphone-khaki-beer-or-wine-spritzer picture should be requisite for all sophisticated gays.

  2. LOL!

    I love your divaliciousness! You’re a cool gay guy!

    But you’re more handsome without the “blurriciousness” 😉

  3. Can I borrow your photographer? Are props included in the price?

    • Yes and yes! I’m so spoiled by this photo… the minute I see a picture of myself that has no props and is in focus enough for any of my features to be discernible, I’ll be a little upset.

  4. Love this!

  5. You forgot one key component….POSTURE! So important, that chin raised ever so slightly with the pursed lips!

    • Haha — so true!!! Otherwise it could be mistaken for simply “slightly absurd blogger with a penchant for feather boas and light beer.”


  1. […] with the exception of last week’s glorified Instagram posting, it just occurred to me that it has been two full weeks since my last real post. […]

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